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CRE Teacher's Calendar

cover of 2011-2012 calendar

The 3rd Edition of the Conflict Resolution Education Activity Calendar (starting with September 2011) is now available! The full-color 28-page (11x8.5 inch) calendar covers the school year, running from September 2011 through August 2012. Each month includes a full page of instructions for learning activities and educator tips to promote conflict resolution in schools, homes and communities. The calendar's date grid highlights significant holidays, conflict resolution events and peacemaker birthdays.

You can view the 2011-20112 calendar online or grab a smartboard-friendly pdf copy with active weblinks (8.2 MB). You can order print copies using this form.

Hard copies can also be ordered online from the Association for Conflict Resolution. Individuals and schools and youth-serving organizations qualify to receive free calendars (1 per individual or 5-pack for educational orgs). While free is nice, everyone is encouraged to sponsor the distribution of calendars by donating $15 for a 5-pack to be sent to yourself or a deserving organization. Help “Spread the CREd” today!

The 2011-2012 CRE Teacher's Calendar is a collaborative non-profit project developed by affiliates of and the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). The working partners on the calendar include several key groups: (this website), ACR’s Education Section, ACR’s Conflict Resolution Day Committee, and the 3rd Edition editorial team. The editorial team (all volunteers) are affiliated with two groups, namely Mapping Change LLC (headed by Marina Piscolish) and the Conflict Resolution Program at the University of Delaware (headed by Kathy Wian) This year we are also very pleased to announce that the JAMS Foundation has provided funding to support broad distribution of this valuable resource.

Previous Editions: The 2010-2011 edition and the 2009-2010 edition, full of great activities, are still available for viewing or download as well.

Sample month from the 3rd Edition
Sample page