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RSS Feeds Available

We will provide a variety of news feeds in the RSS 2.0 format so that visitors to get updates on site contents and news using one of the many different news feed readers now available (see examples at the end of this page). For more information on using an RSS feed you may want to review this pdf RSS Quickstart Guide for Educators created by Will Richardson. For a longer (and more recently updated) guide with even more examples for use of RSS in educational contexts, you may wish to download a pdf copy of Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators: A Guide to RSS and More by Quentin D'Souza. Once you get started using RSS feeds, you'll discover that there are many ways to repurpose information provided in this format. Our currently available feeds are listed below.

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Sample RSS Feed Reader w CRE Content

In a box below you should see a listing for CRE Connection-related News Feeds. If you like, you can add this web-based reader, provided by, to your own website by clicking on the "plus" button and then configuring it to suit your style and preferred format. You would then paste some code into your own blog or website.

Selected RSS Readers

These RSS readers and aggregators can be used to consume our content news "from afar". After setting one of them up, you can subscribe to any of our RSS feeds and be alerted when new content or news is added to that feed's content area.