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Evaluate a Learning Module

We are developing a series of Learning Modules (see Teacher’s section ) and would appreciate your help reviewing and perhaps improving them.

Learning Module Evaluation Form

Please check the responses that best represent your opinion then click on 'submit feedback' at the bottom of the page.

Name of Module

Please indicate the grade level of students you work with to give us an idea of your context of use. You can select more than one.
1. I understood the objectives of the module.
2. The topics were adequately covered in the module.
3. The information was presented in a clear and effective manner.
4. The module's interactive features added value to the content.
5. I was able to easily navigate through the module.
6. The self instructional Web format was an effective learning method for me.
7. There were no grammar nor spelling errors.

2 + 5 equals what?