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CRE Conference Presentations

This section features presentation materials from CRE-related conferences. The slides on this page have been tagged as being of interest to policymakers and administrators. More will be added over time, with the most recent additions placed at the top of the page.


Connecting Schools, Communities, and Families through SEL

Effective Ways to Motivate Change in Youth Using Restorative Justice Practices

Field Services Arbitration Process: Building Stronger Teachers through Facilitated Dialogue

Supporting Community “Thirdsiders” via the East Side Conflict Resolution Outreach Project

Using Extracurricular Activities to Broaden Perspectives of a Diverse College Community

The Organization of American States: 100 Years of Building Bridges in the Americas

Developing Courses in Peace and Conflict Studies

Tri-C Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Overview

Safer Campuses: Prevention and Response to Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking

Successful Maryland School CRE Programs: Highlights of a Statewide Grants Program

Changing College Culture: Bullying Prevention and Intervention at the Post-Secondary Level

Neighbor Circles as a Tool for Building Community

Strategies for Creating a Safe School Environment

School Conflict Management Training

USA: Policy Updates on Conflict Resolution Education and Social and Emotional Learning

Cyberbullying: What the research is telling us…

Fairfax County Public Schools Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Training 2010

New York Guidelines for Social and Emotional Development and Learning (SEDL)

Horizon Community: Character Reformation and CRE in an Adult Prison

How to Develop Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies in Community Colleges