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CRE Terms Glossary

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This is a glossary of terms related to the field of conflict resolution education. You'll find the terms followed by a short definition and any related terms that you might want to become familiar with. Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

The process of a third party facilitating negotiation between disputants without making a decision for them
The third party who helps parties negotiate by facilitating their communication and helping them problem-solve but who does not have decision-making power
Message levels
every time we communicate, we are sending a message with two levels of information: the content and the relational levels
communicating about our communication
how we feel about our feelings, emotions about our emotions
Mood repair
the ability to help oneself feel better when experiencing a negative emotion
Multiple emotions
experiencing more than one emotion at the same time
Multiple intelligences
seven areas of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal