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CRE Terms Glossary

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This is a glossary of terms related to the field of conflict resolution education. You'll find the terms followed by a short definition and any related terms that you might want to become familiar with. Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

Goffman's notion of the self we want to present in interaction
Face work
ongoing, yet often implicit process of trying to present our ",face", in interactions
Facilitate emotional reappraisal
a process of elicitive questions and conversation that enable people to change the way they experience a situation and, by doing so, change how they feel about it
A third party who focuses on re-establishing communication between disputing parties but who does not become involved in substantive issues
no longer being upset with someone because of what he or she did
Frame of reference
our view of the world and the assumptions we make about reality as shaped by our prior experiences
Functional conflict
a conflict where both parties are pleased with the process and outcome of the conflict management
Fundamental attribution error
A perceptual bias where we tend to blame the person rather than the situation for an event