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World Health Organization

Type of Organization: Intergovernmental

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Global Campaign for Violence Prevention
The Global Campaign for Violence Prevention was launched following the release of the World report on violence and health, in October, 2002. The objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness about the problem of violence, highlight the crucial role that public health can play in addressing its causes and consequences and encourage action at every level of society. The Campaign serves as the main platform for implementing the recommendations of the World report on violence and health.  A wide array of activities are being conducted in the context of the Campaign. More than 30 governments have already organized national launches or policy discussions of the World report on violence and health. Resolutions endorsing the report and calling for its implementation have been passed in a number of policy fora such as the World Health Assembly, the Commission on Human Rights, the African Union, etc. Two series of violence prevention posters have been developed and made available to agencies around the world. Additional activities are taking place.  For more information, please visit the Web site. 

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Name: World Health Organization
Type: Intergovernmental

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