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Survivin’ N Da Hood

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United States United States  icon


For over 22 years, Survivin’ N Da Hood has provided training in Mediation and Conflict Resolution skills in Connecticut and border areas of New York.
Survivin’ N Da Hood (SNDH) is a non–profit peer-to-peer training organization established in 1990 by three youth, Duke B. Porter (at age 17), La’Rie J. McGruder (at age 15), and James P. Porter, IV (at age 8), and one adult, Patricia A. Boozer Ph.D. (old enough) who believe that youth communicate and learn best from their peers of similar age, racial, and social status groups. Therefore, SNDH has made a commitment to train youth to be peer trainers, a Train-the-Youth-Trainer (TTYT) concept.

Survivin’ N Da Hood was started to prevent youth from killing each other and to teach youth to think before they do something that cannot be changed, reversed, or erased. Our training includes the reality of built-in consequences.  It gives the youth participants an opportunity to play-out (role play) situations; thus, showing that different choices will bring different results/consequences.

The Mission of SNDH is to Train youth to train their peers in critical thinking skills and concepts that will help them to become effective Trainers, Leaders, and Individuals.  The Training seeks to surround young people with an environment that supports increases in positive behaviors such as healthy self-esteem and Leadership qualities in order to decrease negative behaviors such as incidents of crime and violence, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, high school drop-out, and other youthful pitfalls.  Our aim is to prepare youth for a School-to-College-to-Career positive lifestyle transition.  Our focuses are Prevention & Empowerment.

A recent New Haven Register article profiles the program:  New Haven program teaches survival, empowers youth (8/12/2012)

Noteable Resources

SNDH has developed a Youth Peer Mediation: Train-the-Trainer Manual (2012) and a Youth Peer Mediation: Student Manual (2012) See manuals at:

The Train-the-Trainer Manual:
We are proud to present to you our Train-the-Trainer (TtheT) Peer Mediation Manual. 
The purpose of this manual is to provide easy-to-follow instruction in peer mediation training for youth workers who are not formal trainers or who have little training experience.
The methods provided have a documented track record and have been thoroughly tested and proven by the authors through our local schools, courts (juvenile and adult), churches, and community centers. For over 23 years, we, the authors, have mediated and trained hundreds of youth and adults. We have put our training methods in writing, and now we offer you the tools to make an In-House Mediation Program a reality and a success.

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Contact Information

Name: Survivin' N Da Hood
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

470 Quinnipiac Avenue
New Haven, CT, 06513
United States

Voice Phone: 203-469-2820

Fax: 203-466-3047

Contact person: Dr. Patricia Boozer
Contact email:

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