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Teachers Without Borders

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United States United States  icon


Teachers Without Borders (TWB) is a non-profit, international organization with a small staff and a membership of over 6,500 in over 180 countries. TWB advances human welfare through professional development on a global scale. TWB programs are conceived by, led, and developed by local education leaders and supported by a global network of colleagues. Current programs include:
Voice of Teachers Radio Show
Voice of Teachers Journal
Emergency Education
Community Teaching and Learning Centers
Millennium Development Ambassadors
Workshops and Conferences
Certificate of Teaching Mastery
Peace Education
At over 59 million, teachers are the largest single group of trained professionals in the world. The evidence is clear: a quality education correlates with dramatic advances in human welfare. Better health. Fewer infant deaths. Cleaner water. Human rights. All children deserve the right to flourish because of great teachers.

Noteable Resources

One of Teachers Without Borders core programs is the Peace Education Program. Teachers Without Borders’ first initiative in the field of Peace Education is the Dr. Joseph Hungwa Memorial Peace Education Program, a free teacher professional development course that explores peace education in theory and practice. The course is available online and offline. Also of special interest is the collection of online documents shared by the Peace Education Program.

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Contact Information

Name: Teachers Without Borders
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

321 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States

Voice Phone: +1 (206) 623-0394

Fax: +1 (206) 623-0396

Contact person: Stephanie Knox Cubbon
Contact email:

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