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Center for Dispute Resolution, University of Maryland Law School

Type of Organization: Academic

Home Country: United States United States  icon


Within the University of Maryland School of Law, the Center for Dispute Resolution (C-DRUM) works collaboratively with public and private institutions as well as individuals and groups to: promote, enhance, and teach conflict resolution skills; research and develop conflict resolution systems; and change the way conflicts are resolved throughout the state and beyond.

In collaboration with Maryland’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) and the Maryland State Department of Education, C-DRUM administers a CRE grant program that offers one-year grants, together with training and resources, to Maryland Schools K-12. More information on the schools initiative is available at A full description of the Collaborative Grant Program including highlights of some of the school programs is available here.

Through a grant from the Crane Family Foundation, C-DRUM also works in Baltimore City supporting two different projects. C-DRUM supports the development of a Baltimore City restorative practices school, Baltimore Freedom Academy, working with peer mediation and the use of circle processes. C-DRUM also administers an early intervention attendance program, Baltimore Students: Mediations about Reducing Truancy (BSMART) modelled after the truancy mediation program developed by the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution.

Noteable Resources

On the C-DRUM website, a list of CRE trainers available to schools in Maryland and beyond is provided. In addition, C-DRUM administers a CRE listserv designed to share resources, opportunities and ideas. More information on how to sign up for the list is available at this link. For schools interested in partnering with a trainer, a set of tips on selecting a school conflict resolution trainer is also available.

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Contact Information

Name: Center for Dispute Resolution, University of Maryland Law School (C-DRUM)
Type: Academic

500 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201-1786
United States

Voice Phone: 1-410-706-3143

Fax: 1-410-706-4270

Contact person: Barbara Grochal
Contact email:

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