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Education for Conflict Resolution

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United States United States  icon


Education for Conflict Resolution, Inc. (ECR) is one of the Midwest’s leading conflict resolution and training centers, providing interpersonal and organizational consultation and mediation, as well as conflict education and communication workshops for schools, agencies, businesses, and faith and community groups.

Noteable Resources

Attendance/Truancy Mediation Manual for use with ECR’s course teaching persons to facilitate and implement attendance/truancy mediation in the schools. All needed forms are included.

Bear Posters/Learning Centers-elementary-age posters and lessons give children the tools to solve their own conflicts. Includes manipulative timer to assist in equal sharing time, Let’s Be Friends Song, illustrated process sheet and certificate for each student
K-2 Panda Bear Poster and Learning Center
Grades 1-2 Brown Bear Poster and Center
Grades 3-5 Polar Bear Poster and Center

Let’s Work it Out - Book full of activities to help kids, upper elementary through high school, learn positive communication skills and a step-by-step conflict resolution process in a fun way-for schools, after school programs, faith groups or homes.

Mediating Interpersonal Conflict Manual - for use with courses, such as ECR’s, that teach persons to be interpersonal mediators. This manual is used by many colleges/universities and mediation centers.

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Contact Information

Name: Education for Conflict Resolution
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

603 Bond Street Suite 13
North Manchester, IN, 46962
United States

Voice Phone: +1-260-982-4621

Fax: +1-260-982-8629

Contact person: Andrew Duffy
Contact email:

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