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Minnesota Department of Education

Type of Organization: Governmental

Home Country: United States United States  icon


Restorative Justice Projects are happening in Minnesota, and the whole range of restorative practices is happening in the schools: Family Group Conferencing, Restorative Group Conferencing, Circles to Repair Harm, Circles of Understanding, Victim Offender Dialogue. All of those practices are being tried to varying degrees in schools. The activity is at a relatively high level. Read more about it here.

Noteable Resources

Resources on Restorative Practices in Schools are provided here. A directory of contact people willing to discuss restorative measures in schools in various States in the United States is available as a pdf.

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Contact Information

Name: Minnesota Department of Education
Type: Governmental

1500 West Highway 36
Roseville, MN, 55113
United States

Voice Phone: 651-582-8433

Contact person: Nancy Riestenberg
Contact email:

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