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Canadian Culture of Peace Program (CCOPP)

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: Canada Canada  icon


It is the shorter term goal of CCOPP and the network of Canadian Peace Educators to place Peace Education prominently on the Canadian Agenda - “to cultivate public awareness and political support for the introduction of peace education into all spheres of education, including non-formal education, throughout Canada and to promote the education of all teachers to teach for peace”.  It is the longer term goal to assure Peace Education is integrated into all curricula by the end of the decade -  “the goal of the campaign is to assure that all educational systems throughout Canada will educate for a culture of peace”.  Peace education starts at home.

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Contact Information

Name: Canadian Culture of Peace Program (CCOPP)
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Box 70
Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 1A4

Voice Phone: 1-403-938-5335

Fax: 1-403-938-4117

Contact person: Robert Stewart, Executive Director
Contact email:

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