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2016 CRE Summit Conference Presentations

This section features presentation materials from the 2016 International CRE conference held in Columbus, Ohio in June of 2016. Clicking on a title will take you to the slideshow, viewable online and provide a link to any additional handouts.

Connecting Schools, Communities, and Families through SEL

Choosing Love in Every Situation

Cultural Sensitivity in Peace Education

Conflict Resolution Skills for Youth and Adults - Incorporating Traditional Teaching and RJ

Can Buddhists Help Restore Harmony in Modern Society?

Effective Ways to Motivate Change in Youth Using Restorative Justice Practices

Field Services Arbitration Process: Building Stronger Teachers through Facilitated Dialogue

Supporting Community “Thirdsiders” via the East Side Conflict Resolution Outreach Project

Best Practice in Integrating Conflict Management Education into Armenian School Curriculum

Using Extracurricular Activities to Broaden Perspectives of a Diverse College Community

A Review of Recent Scholarship on Nonviolence

Online Peer Mediation Platform