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The CR Connection welcomes our partners and advisors. Thank you for your interest and support of our initial efforts.

Now that we have successfully rolled out the live website we hope we might engage your support in other ways that may include various forms of active involvement with the site. To that end, this set of links is intended to point out some of the key features of the site and to indicate some of the ways that people can get involved.

Front Page

Things to note at the front of our site (links open in new window) include our efforts to reach out to various key audiences by way of a set of doors that they can come through on their way into the materials. These key audiences include Teachers, Administrators/Policy makers, Researchers. and Global CRE Practitioners and Projects. You’ll also want to click on the tabs in the folders to see featured news and to see more about our sponsors.

Our Catalog of Locally Held Materials

We are also proud of our growing collection of 500+ quality resources (pdfs, word documents, powerpoint slides, learning objects, etc.) that have been cataloged in preparation for sharing widely. (Link to Our Catalog) While at our catalog, try browsing our records by category, or doing a search using the the advanced search link. In addition, on the CRE Catalog page you are able to suggest a useful new resource by clicking on the link provided: “Suggest a Resource” located at the bottom of the page.  If you know of an online resource that you think others might find of interest, after clicking on the link, please submit information in the short form.

The toolkit we are using will expose the materials to a global network of Open Archives Initiative repositories that can visit our site and “harvest” our records to be shared via other catalogs around the world. Perhaps the best example of a shared collections in action is the OAIster initiative at the University of Michigan. If you do a search (try “conflict resolution”), you’ll see a listing on the sidebar of where various items came from. Our toolkit will help us integrate seamlessly with projects like this one.

Portable Learning Modules

One of our longer-term goals is to produce a series of high-quality learning modules that can be used via the web or downloaded and installed in course management programs like Moodle or Blackboard being used at schools and universities around the world. We have quite a few demonstration modules online now. Partners interested in creating Learning Modules of their own may want to get a copy of the free learning modules creation tool called eXe being developed with support from the Tertiary Education Commission of New Zealand. Here’s a page with links to two recently created modules on Soft vs Firm Limits and CRE Program Research Strategies.

CRE Practice Area Descriptions Linked to Related Resources

As the field of CRE grows and expands and as we make connections between various strands of work in the field, it becomes useful to provide “maps of the territory” that help people see the big picture and locate their place in it. One way we are approaching this is by posting short overviews of key practice areas that are then linked to related materials from our catalog. These can be seen in the sidebar of the Teachers section of the site. As an example, consider the section on Social and Emotional Learning or the one on Restorative Practices.  We hope to extend these sections with short video clips, commentary from experts, and targeted links to external resources.

An additional new feature to our website listed in the Teacher’s Menu is a link to Online Videos.  The videos are related to Conflict Resolution in Education.  The most recent additions are placed at the top of the page and more videos will be added over time.  View our current videos online videos online now.

Guest Expert Sessions

The CRE Connection is pleased to host Guest Expert Sessions with distinguished educators and administrators working in the Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education fields.  The online web meetings are available to a limited number of people for the live event.  We hope to make recorded sessions available after the event.  “Ask A CRE Expert” chat sessions upcoming events are listed on our website where you can check our live page for upcoming special events at: Ask an Expert
Our current featured Guest Webinar can be viewed at: Guest Webinar

Special Teachers Calendar

One of our newest projects, The Conflict Resolution Teacher’s Calendar 2009-2010, which has been distributed, is also available for you to download and print or use on your desktop everyday!  Within the calendar you will find valuable educational tools that can be utilized to enhance your professional and classroom experiences in the use of Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) techniques.  You can view the calendar at: Teacher Calendar

Glossary of CRE-related Terms

Another useful aspect of the site that is developing nicely is the glossary of terms related to conflict resolution education. A link to it can be found in the blue menu bar found at the top of most pages in the site.

CRE Blogs by our Panel of Experts

A set of 4 blogs have been created that we hope can serve as an outlet for commentary, reviews, expert advice and more. We will be seeking partners who are willing to learn the blogging interface (not hard!) and perhaps make occasional contributions to our shared knowledgebase. The categories that have been created for organizing posts include Expert Advice, Field Reports, New Developments, Requests for Assistance, Resource Reviews, and Social Commentary. Ideally we will have several bloggers posting in each of the Teacher, CRE Researcher Blog, CRE Policymaker/Administrator Blog, and Global CRE Blog blogs so that no one person will have to carry the ball and no single voice will dominate the discourse. A benefit of blogs like this is that they can be syndicated using something known as RSS feeds. Our site already provides some RSS content, and the blogs help to extend the list as they develop.

As a helpful resource for potential bloggers, we have posted a short video on “How to become a CRETE Blogger” that briefly explains the process (not hard!) of becoming a blogger for the CRETE Project at: crete blogger online now. We are seeking partners who are willing to learn the interface and perhaps make occasional contributions to our shared knowledge base.

World Networking

Another example of our desire to connect broadly is the effort we are putting into the Global aspects of our site. An interesting example of our start in this area are the Regional Summaries we are creating by combing the various bit of information we have on international activities, country profiles and organizations in our still small database of programs. By clicking on a region of the world you can see more information on what is happening there.

BRAND NEW Features - CR Interactive Games Page

The Conflict Resolution Education Connection has put together a fun set of interactive games for use in the classroom.  We’ve got word searches, snakes and ladders, matching, Snakes Alive! and more.  Also, we have video previews of two games, “Harmony Island: A Conflict Resolution Tropical Adventure” (Grades 6-12) and “Cool School: Where Peace Rules!” (Grades K-3).  Play the games here: interactive games online now.

Staying In Touch - Calendar With International CRE News and Events!

There are a number of ways to stay in touch with Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education events and news.  At our site you can visit the Global Blog for updates and you can check out out automated search of recent news related to CR Education.  Readers may also be interested in subscribing to the Global Campaign for peace Education Newsletter, a good source of information on activities in the field.  In addition, on our site we now have a regularly updated listing of upcoming conferences and events related to conflict resolution education.  Look for this information here: CRE news and events online now.

CRETE Connection Newsletter

The Conflict Resolution in Teacher Education Project distributes a bi-monthly e-newsletter (sent out by e-mail to CRETE alumni).  The newsletter is designed to highlight news of the project and share content of special interest to our team.  By doing this we hope to build a Learning Community that includes a network of teachers and faculty trained in conflict resolution skills and strategies for use in educational settings.  View our current issues at: CRE Newsletters online now.

Policies Related to Content Contribution and Reuse

As we move forward, it is important that we develop some shared understandings with respect to the kinds of content that is appropriate for our site and that we do a good job in recognizing the rights of content creators while maintaining our focus on broad sharing of resources. To that end,  partners are encouraged to review our draft set of Site Policies and our initial questions what will be asked of people who wish to contribute content.

Submit Your Comments/Feedback/Questions

We’ve set up a simple form to collect comments and feedback. You can use this at anytime to connect with the Executive Committee of the site (Tricia Jones, Jen Batton, Bill Warters, Sarah Wallis).

To be continued…