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CRETE Connection Newsletter

The Conflict Resolution in Teacher Education (CRETE) project is building a network of teachers and faculty trained in conflict resolution skills and strategies for use in educational settings. This monthly newsletter (sent out by email to CRETE alumni) is designed to highlight news of the project and share content of special interest to our team.

May 2011 CRETE News

This edition includes information on the new editors of the CRE Activity Calendar, a summary of’s accomplishments, a playground safety curriculum and more.

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August 2010 CRETE News

Features updates on new resources like our Teacher’s Calendar and news about Conflict Resolution Day 2010.

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March 2010 CRETE News

News from the 2010 CRETE Partner’s meeting, links to new resources and more.

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February 2010 CRETE News

Includes news about the latest learning module on Nonverbal Communication, a new peer mediation video from Hawaii, and more.

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November 2009 CRETE News

News related to Conflict Resolution Day 2009 and more great resources. Includes link to our 2009-2010 Teacher Calendar.

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October 2009 Special CR Day Edition

This year, Conflict Resolution Day is on October 15, 2009 and this brief newsletter edition promotes some of the great events and opportunities that are happening.

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September 2009 CRETE News

This issue features news and opportunities and pointers to useful resources.

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July 2009 CRETE News

Our second edition featuring web traffic statistics, information on recent webinars and some high quality resources you’ll want to see.

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May 2009 CRETE News

This is the inaugural edition of the CRETE Connection Newsletter.

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