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Ask A CRE Expert

This section will work to provide answers to your questions. A short list of potential starting places are listed below.  We are working on a more formal system for gathering expert advice as the site develops.

Teacher Target Population:

Bullying Prevention
Paulie Velotta: InTasc Consulting
Kimberly Mason: Cleveland State University
Classroom Management
Lynnette Mawhinney: Lincoln University
Curriculum Infusion
Rachel Poliner: ESR
Carol Miller Lieber: ESR
Diversity Education/Anti-Bias Education
Priscilla Prutzman: Creative Response to Conflict
Expressive Arts and CRE
Zephryn Conte: Environarts
Ombuds in Education
Tyler Harrison: Purdue University
Peer Mediation
Richard Cohen: School Mediation Associates
Robert Harris: University of Massachusetts
Nonverbal Communication (and Disorders, Dyssemia)
Martin Remland: West Chester University
Restorative Practices
Randy Compton: Restorative Solutions
Ted Wachtel: SaferSaner Schools
Social and Emotional Learning
Janet Patti: Hunter College, CUNY
Roger Weissberg: University of Illinois, Chicago Circle

Researcher Target Population:

Evaluation Measures
Tricia Jones: Temple University
Kathy Bickmore: OIS, University of Toronto
Research Reviews
Wendy Gerrard: Vanderbilt University
David Johnson: University of Minnesota
Funding Resources
Tricia Jones: Temple University
Sarah Wallis: Ohio Commission for Dispute Resolution
Publication Opportunities
Susan Raines: Kennesaw State University

Policy Target Population:

State Legislation:
Lin Inlow: CNCR, Georgia State University
CRE Standards:
Leigh Bamman-Jones: Association for Conflict Resolution
CRE and SEL Links to State Educational Standards
Carole Close: Cleveland Heights, OH
Mary Utne O’Brien: Collaborative for Social, Academic and Emotional Learning, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle
Implementation of Comprehensive Systems
Maurice Elias: Rutgers University
Jennifer Batton: Global Issues Resource Center