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International Network for Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Ed & GPPAC PE Reference Group

The International Network for Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education (INCREPE) is a global network of individuals and organizations committed to and passionate about building civil societies with the capacity to educate, model, communicate, create policy, promote and implement peace education and conflict resolution education. INCREPE develops/builds capacity to promote a culture of peace and non-violence through the engagement of networks and support structures at local, regional, and international levels with the strong participation of youth. To promote living together peacefully and democratically through life-long learning while significantly reducing the economic, environmental, and human costs of violence and acknowledging and appreciating cultural differences.

INCREPE members work in partnership with members of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict’s (GPPAC) working group on Peace Education to move this work forward.  Below are summaries from some of these meetings.  The next meeting is scheduled for Israel in May 2009.


INCREPE Structure:

The INCREPE Steering Committee is a 12 member committee with representation from the United States, Northern Ireland, Ghana, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Thailand, The Netherlands, and Jordan.

INCREPE Accomplishments:

Efforts to advance conflict resolution education or peace education have been reported in Australia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus, Israel, Sierra Leone, Thailand, the Ukraine, and the United States. These efforts include collaborating with Ministries of Education to advance curriculum standards and mandates in conflict management or peace education; planning regional and national conferences; writing and receiving grants for training; and, publishing articles relevant to the work in Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education.

Planning Meetings and Origination:

The Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) and Peace Education (PE) working group at the Global Conference from Reaction to Prevention: Civil Society Forging Partnerships to Prevent Violent Conflict and Build Peace was comprised of 47 participants representing 25 nations. Participants exchanged information regarding the current state of practice in CRE and PE and the level of collaboration between governments and NGOs/CSOs among the attending nations. Best practices were identified for advancing the use of CRE and PE in the prevention of violent conflict. Challenges to implementing those best practices and recommendations to overcome these challenges were examined. A central thread to all discussions of the working group was the recognition of the value of an international network and clearinghouse on CRE and PE

Twenty five participants representing 15 of the countries participating in the GPPAC working group attended a follow-up meeting at Hunter College, City University of New York to continue the momentum established at the Global Conference. This meeting and a meeting in Ohio continued the planning phase for an International Network on Conflict Resolution in Education and Peace Education (INCREPE). The participants at these planning meetings accomplished several tasks which included:

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