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Here are some videos related to Conflict Resolution in Education. More will be added over time, with the most recent additions placed at the top of the page. Bookmark the "permanent link" to an item if you want to link back to it later.

Sesame Street - Robin Williams and the Two-headed Monster Illustrating Conflict

Robin Williams and the Two-headed Monster demonstrate the word “Conflict.”

Conflict Resolution Flashmob dances to “We Can Work it Out”

The folks at Conflict Resolution Minnesota outdid themselves this year for Conflict Resolution Week, putting together a flashmob to the Beatles song “We Can Work it Out”

A More Accurate RULER - Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence uses the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate society. The Center conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence. The RULER curriculum includes four primary tools: the Charter, Mood Meter, Meta-Moment, and Blueprint.

Nonviolence and Peace Education in School

This is an edited version of Walk the Talk, an inside story of Rozelle Public Primary School in Sydney Australia. Rozelle at the time of this video making was a world wide leading example of the possibility for social change. The school being an inner city public school was transformed through the leadership of the principal and the initiatives that she supported. Restorative Justice and Alternatives To Violence joined together as a foundation for experiencing peace education as a living system within the school environment. Both Lyn Doppler and Terry O’Connell are leadership examples of how as a whole school community, students staff and parents learnt to use restorative and alternative to violence language and practice to relate, think and learn together.

The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School: a story of hope

West Philadelphia High School was on the state’s “Persistently Dangerous Schools” list for six years. After one year of implementing Restorative Justice, the climate improved dramatically: suspensions dropped 50%, violent acts and serious incidents declined 52% in 2007-2008, and another 40% by the end of the Fall semester in 2008-2009. This video takes a look at what was done there.

RJOY - Introducing Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

RJOY’s mission is to fundamentally shift the way we respond to youthful wrongdoing from punitive approaches that inflict more harm to restorative approaches that repair it.

It’s Time for California Schools to Stop Suspending More Students Than They Graduate

Listen to folks who have experienced the affects, and witnessed the results, of failed harsh discipline policies that aren’t adding up to a better tomorrow for students. You’ll hear students, teachers, and administrators who offer insider’s knowledge on how to fix this problem. Let’s keep schools safe, keep students in the classroom and pave the way for a healthy and more successful future for California’s young people.

PAX Good Behaviour Game

A game some Winnipeg students are playing in class dramatically reduces disruptive behavior, according to their teachers.

TEDx Talk: Restorative Practices to Resolve Conflict and Build Relationships

This inspiring talk about taking a “Time In” with people who have caused problems for you was presented by Katy Hutchison at TEDx West Vancouver. Katy became a Restorative Justice advocate following the murder of her first husband. After ten years of sharing her story internationally to over five hundred schools and community groups, she views the education system as the structure with the most potential to affect positive social change. Katy sits on the Boards of Restorative Practices International & Glenlyon Norfolk School and volunteers for Leave Out Violence (LOVE).

Teaching Humanitarian Law with Raid Cross

Adolescents are surrounded by violence. Usually they see it in political or historical terms (through the media, teaching and literature) or in the context of amusements (video games, movies). The purpose of Raid Cross, a learning simulation, is to make these adolescents aware of the reality of armed conflict and humanitarian action, thus giving them tools for interpreting events, the news, and violence in general.
Raid Cross is an activity that uses international humanitarian law as an instrument for encouraging more extensive thought about human behavior. It focuses on the protection of life and human dignity in wartime and, more generally, in all the experiences of daily life.
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