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Building Healthy Relationships and Strong Communities Through Conflict Education.
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The Conflict Resolution Education Connection

People around the globe have started embracing conflict resolution as a key component of a quality education. We invite you to use this site to explore some of the wide array of available materials that support conflict resolution education (CRE as we like to call it). Perhaps you might even contribute some content after you get to know us and see areas of need that you can help fill.

Finding Your Way Around

Our site is organized into a few broad content areas based on the primary users of that material. The basic structure provides for five user groups as noted below. Note that conflict resolution service providers will likely find content of interest in all areas, so please do have a look around.

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Featured Project

PeaceFirst Digital Activity Center

Peace First provides a full curriculum for pre-kindergarten through middle school, over 100 theme-based activities and cooperative games, and other resources to support your work with young people.


CRE Site News & Events

School Tools - a great new CR Education Resource

A new free curriculum is available from the Western Justice Center, videos included!

NAFCM and Partners release new free Peer Mediation Curriculum package

Peer Mediators: A Complete School Curriculum (Grades 6-8) is now available at!

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