Training Module for Education for a Culture of Peace

This module, released in January 1999, is based on experiences working in Sierra-Leone. It was written to provide some relevant information on practical ideas to enhance women's traditional conflict resolution and mediating practices since they are also stakeholders in conflict situations but are often left out in conflict resolution initiatives.
The material is divided into 8 units.
Unit 1 - Understanding Gender and distinguishing between Gender and Sex Roles
Unit 2 - Trauma Healing and Counselling
Unit 3 - Conflict Resolution
Unit 4 - Gender Awareness in Conflict Resolution/Reconciliation, Concept of Repentance and Forgiveness
Unit 5 - Mediation and the role of Women in Peace Building within the Family, the Community, the School and the total Social Environment
Unit 6 - Raising Awareness of Gender Issues and Peace Building through the use of Drama
Unit 7 - Understanding Basic Rights and Freedom and their Limitations
Unit 8 - Practices for sustaining Peace after the Resolution of Conflict/Institutionalizing transformation
Alternate Title Training Module on Women's Traditional Conflict Resolution and Mediating Practices
Date Issued 1999
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