I Painted Peace: Handbook on Peace Building with and for Children and Young People

This 72-page illustrated handbook has been designed and developed together with children and young people for children and young people. It is, however, also meant to be of use and interest to adults. The children and young people involved in the production of this handbook would like to promote, build and sustain peace in their local communities, schools, districts, and nations. The handbook may be most suitable for children and young people aged 12 years and upwards.

The idea behind this handbook is to encourage more adults to listen to girls' and boys' voices carefully and seriously and to work with them as partners in creating and sustaining peace. In this way, the handbook helps to promote children's participation leading to the better fulfilment of children's rights.

Children's contributions are presented in the following sections:
- Children's visions on peace
- Children's understanding of peace building
- Children's understanding of the history and the impact of conflict
- Opportunities for children's participation in peace building at different levels (individual, family, children's organisation, school, community, district, national, international) - including examples of activities and the impact of children's participation at these different levels;
- Assessment of what helps and gets in the way of children's peace building efforts
- Recommendations and proposals to strengthen children's role as agents of peace
Date Issued 2008
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