Inter-agency peace education programme: Skills for constructive living: Overview of the programme

46-page pdf document which provides an overview "of the components of the Peace Education Programme and the implementation structure of the programme. It is designed for education managers of ministries dealing with both formal and non-formal education and from agencies who may be implementing education activities on behalf of the government ...

The programme is currently being implemented in eleven countries in Africa and has been integrated into complementary programmes in Sri Lanka, Kosovo, and Pakistan. In these latter situations, training and initial materials were provided but the implementation costs were borne by the agencies concerned."

Related to this overview are 15 pdf documents that make up the Peace Education Programme kit with individual entries in this catalog they can be viewed at: Facilitators and Trainers Training Guide ; Background Notes for Facilitators ; Background Notes for Teachers ; Manual for Training of Facilitators - 1 ; Manual for Training Facilitators - 2 ; Manual for Training Facilitators - 3 ; Teacher Training Manual - 1 ; Teacher Training Manual - 2 ; Teacher Training Manual - 3 ; Teacher Activity Book ; Teacher Activity Book of Secondary Modules ; Sara's Choice - A Collection of Stories and Poetry ; Facilitators Manual for Community Workshops ; Community Course Booklet ; Analytical Review of Selected Peace Education Materials
Date Issued 2005
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